I have a had a passion for Interior design from the first time I was allowed to decorate my own room at the age of 10.  Coupled with Project Management and Accountancy experience, I can offer a beautiful Design vision backed up with solid plans and budgets.


My first Interior Design was a beautiful primary colour vision with a Royal Blue carpet, white walls, red bedding and egg yolk yellow woodwork.  I thought it was the bees knees and so did Adam Ant. Unfortunately, he was only a picture hanging in my wardrobe, but I am sure he would have gone for it if he had seen it! 

My next venture was a riot of pink roses, brown accents and lots of hard work to cover up the yellow paintwork.   My dad made ME paint the several coats to take the yellow woodwork colour back to white.  I left school as the first person in my family to have an ART qualification, and.......decided to become an accountant.

After many years of dealing with numbers (creatively), I decided to move on, having taken an evening class in 'Architecture in London', and 'Basic Interior Design Principles, I then decided to become.......an IT Project Manager. 

Finally, after being made redundant from my last job and with time on my hands, I have decided to take the next step to running my own business.  I enrolled in a Diploma in Professional Interior Design from the National Design Academy, undertook several Interior Design projects, and am now running a business to offer Interior Design Services to people like me who live in a small terraced property in London with limited space, who want to make the best of what they have.

The best boost to my confidence for this move is that when people visit my home, they ask what do I do, and ask if I am an Interior Designer. 

I can now say Yes!


My services

I  nterior Design Services

Interior Design Services

I understand that not every one feels they need an Interior Designer.  Often the thought is my project is too small, my house is 'only' a boring London terrace, I can do the work myself and don't need someone to manage the project.  I am here to offer services to those people like me who have limited budgets, space or need for professional services.  If you have lived in the same house for years, and just need some ideas to spruce it up, are just moving into a new property and have no idea what to do, having an extension done and need some help with the final vision.  This is where I fit in.  I can make that bathroom spa like, I can bring heart to that new kitchen, make the living areas warm and cosy or bring a wow-factor to a cookie-cutter terrace. I will provide as little or as much input as you need and will always bear in mind, just like me, that not everyone has a mansion or unlimited budget to play with.


baby steps

This is the basic package.  For those who are looking for some help with their overall Interior Design, but who are comfortable in managing or doing the budgeting and work themselves. Or who are unsure what an Interior Designer can offer.    This service is offered on a per-room basis and includes colour and furnishing suggestions and room layouts. 

It can be bought as a stand-alone package, or used as a starter for the other services offered.

break into a run

This is the next step up from Baby Steps package.  Here,  not only is an Interior Design created, but suggested suppliers, an outline budget and time-line are included in the final report.  This package does not include any engagement of workmen or management of the project. 

This package will provide clients with the tools to obtain quotes and instruct suppliers to carry out the work, as well as where to obtain the materials needed.


halfway house

This is the mid-level offering for my services.  This builds from the 'Break Into a Run' package and adds on the services to source workmen, agree the contract and timelines.  It also includes limited on-site visits to confirm the end result will be as agreed.

This is a good option for those busy professionals who don't have time to manage any work, but whose project does not include any structural changes.

the full monty

This is the top-level offering. It is for those projects that are larger in size and need more attention, such as those incuding structural work.  In additon to the Halfway House package, this service includes, regular on-site visits, advise on specialists that may be needed such as Structural Engineers, purchasing of the goods needed for the project, a fully costed budget and agreed time-lines.  Snagging and hadover of any certification will also be included.